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How do I sign-up for International Calling Card Plan?

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This is a pre-paid dial-around International plan just like the calling cards
Our overseas calling card plan is a prepaid service, where you decide the pre-paid card amount that you would like to sign up for.

Immediate activation
Your overseas and domestic long distance account will be immediately activated upon authorization of credit card. Start making international and domestic calls immediately after you sign up.

Call reports in real time!
Every time you are dialing internationally or nationwide, the system will read you your international card plan account balance and minutes to the destination you call. As you make overseas calls, cost of the call is deducted from the initial amount you paid when you signed up. You can view international or domestic call times, minutes, charge amount, origination number, destination number of each call made through "Customer Account Login". The call data is real-time so you can check the overseas or domestic calls you have made instantly.

Automatic or manual recharge
When your overseas calling plan account reaches $3, the system will automatically recharge your card account to the initial sign up amount. You can even switch your account to manual re-charge mode at any time through "Customer Account Login."

Use your international calling plan from any phone
Use your overseas calling card plan from any phone - Never get over charged or run out of calling time.

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