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Are you looking for a better international calling card? TEL3Advantage FLEX Plan by offers high quality overseas calling at lowest rates in the industry.
With lower overall cost than most international calling cards, our groundbreaking long distance phone service allows you to make low cost international phone card calls from any phone with unbeatable quality!
See information below about some of the great features this international calling plan offers:

Up to 473 FREE minutes to use for international phone card calls
1.9¢ US Domestic & Canada phone card rates
Low cost international card phone calls with rates starting at 1.9¢ - the lowest in the industry!
Crystal clear overseas calls: No more static, noise & echo unlike with many cards.
Can't get through? Automatically use several different phone carriers at no extra cost!
NO monthly fees, NO hidden fees, and NO obscure charges or taxes, unlike with many international calling cards. Only pay cheap international call rates
PIN-Free worldwide dialing & automatic or manual recharge - unlike the regular international calling cards
Use from ANY phone, even your cell phone to make overseas calls at low, rock bottom rates
Use Toll Free or Local numbers near you, to save even more per/minute on all your phone calls
NO need to switch phone companies to make low cost international phone card calls
Immediate card activation. Join right now and start making international calls in just seconds!
Track all your calls in real time
Unparalleled online account management
NO contracts, NO obligations, and NO cancellation penalty
Risk-free - enjoy the cheap rates and cancel at any time if you don't absolutely love it!
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With, you can enjoy low international calling card rates at any time of the day, every day, when calling abroad from the USA. Make overseas calls from home, work or even your cell phone nationwide or internationally from just ¢1.9/min. Can your current international calling card offer all this? international calling plan benefits

  • Lowest international calling rates
    Enjoy low rates when calling abroad from the USA. Calling from home to countries worldwide at any hour, day or night - from low rates starting at ¢1.9/min.
  • No switching carriers for cheap international calling
    Many phone companies charge steep fees for the same calls you could make at 90% of the cost with international calling plan. Our international calling plan, unlike a calling card, allows you to call Worldwide for under ¢5/min to over 100 countries, and under ¢10/min. to over 200 countries.
  • No commitments
    Like with cards, our international calling plan requires no commitment, and no contracts. You are free to cancel your calling plan any time.
  • Keep your existing number
    Since it is not required to switch your phone service provider, you can keep your phone number. Simply dial one of the 1800 access numbers, or even a local access phone number closer to where you are at that time, followed by the destination number you are calling.
  • Are you currently using phone cards for international calling?
    Many phone card companies, may advertise low rates for international calling card, but low rates may be offset by high maintenance fees, per-call fees, connection fees, and other hidden charges, that makes the phone cards overall expensive. With our plan, you never pay ANY hidden charges. The rates you see are the rates you pay.
  • Crystal clear calls when calling abroad
    If you are a phone card user, chances are high that your calls are not of the quality you would expect, in order to have a normal conversation. Constant disconnects with your card may cause you to pay per call, per connection fees every time you re-dial. Echo and noise during a card call, or delayed voice, can also be become frustrating and may stretch your phone conversation 2-3 times longer than if you had a quality connection. With our international calling plan, unlike cards, you will experience high quality connections, and no constant disconnects, that overall add up as extra savings.
  • Does your international card plan use multiple routes to connect?
    When you are trying to make a call abroad using a cheap card and a line is overloaded, you may get a message "all connections are busy" or similar. In this case, you may have no choice but to hang up and try later with the same card. With our plan, though busy connections are rare, you can re-try the same number without re-dialing using different routes/carriers at no extra cost.

    Does this sound like an international plan you could use? Are you ready to say good bye to your current card or plan? Click Here to sign-up now and to start making international calls instantly.
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Cheap international call rates - with Crystal Clear Quality! Choose for Low Cost International Phone Calls.
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